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Lauren F. 5/5 stars

Daniel is the best trainer that I have ever been to. He is incredibly educated in his field and continues to develop his knowledge every day. He provided a plan for reaching my fitness goals and was very accommodating along the way. He was …More


Ayah E. 5/5 stars

Daniel was very helpful when it came to setting a plan so I can reach my goal. You can definitely tell he’s knowledgable about proper form and specific workouts for different parts of the body. The staff was great to work with, as well! They’re passionate about what they do. I also couldn’t ask for a more convenient location.


Janaei F. 5/5 stars

I found Daniel and New Era through thumbtack a few months back. He is a great personal trainer and listens to what your goals/needs/limitations are. He not only takes all that into consideration but checks in with you to help you stay on …More


Conor A. 5/5

Danny is a great trainer to work with. Fully tries to understand your goals and motivates you to reach them! Also very knowledgeable!


I worked with Danny Riggi for close to two years until he moved to Charlotte. Danny made our 2x a week sessions enjoyable, challenging, and highly productive. The routines he designed provided good overall strength and fitness trainingg while also targeting some specific issues I have with my SI joint. I highly recommend Danny to anyone seeking to improve their fitness. - Kevin B.

I worked with Daniel Riggi and can honestly say he is one the best personal trainers I know. I came to him with the goal of putting on 10 pounds of muscle while also trying to get strong and while maintaining agility for hockey. Over the course of just one summer with his help with both workout regimens and nutritional guidelines I was able to well surpass my goals by adding 15 pounds of muscle and still being able to maintain my lateral quickness and all thanks to him. I would personally recommend him for anyone who is trying to get in shape for whatever reason that they may have. -Andrew D.

Danny Riggi is the best. I started working with Danny when I was in high school and enjoyed his fitness programs so much that I even took a session or two any time I visited home while in college. 8 years later and I still work out with Danny whenever possible. He really knows his stuff and will make a fitness program tailored to your needs and goals. You will also have a ton of fun along the way. -Katie C

I had the pleasure of having Danny Riggi as my personal trainer twice a week for three months prior to him relocating to North Carolina. Danny is an excellent trainer with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for overall health for his clients. He took the time to assess the problem and then he came up with a plan to help me overcome obstacles that had been in my way for years. The workouts were challenging and enjoyable at the same time. He always introduced new exercises into the workouts, which kept things progressing. The best compliment I can give is I wish Danny were still my trainer in Western New York. If you get an opportunity to have Danny as your trainer you wont be disappointed. -Nancy M

 Danny Riggi is the real deal!!!! I have been training with Danny for the past three years and he has never let me down. He takes the time to learn what my ideal goals are and creates a program that works best for me. As I continue to reach higher fitness goals, Danny has been there to reinvigorate my program so I never hit plateau. Naturally when I got engaged, Danny was my #1 motivator to get "bridal ready". Whether you are looking to change your lifestyle to get fit or take your body to the next level, Danny is your guy!!!! -Hillary O.

 Danny Riggi was my personal trainer at Niagara University and I am so happy that I had the chance to work with him. Besides being incredibly professional and great at what he does, he is also a very nice person. He always helped me to feel confident in my athletic abilities and at the gym, a place where I used to feel extremely self-conscious and nervous because I never knew what to do once I was there. Danny taught me a variation of different workouts, always making sure I was doing them correctly so I could get results, and get them without harming my body. He would also explain what was being worked with each workout and how I should be feeling when I do them so that I could do it on my own too. When I decided I wanted to run a half marathon, he helped me to achieve my goals and stay healthy, too. After our first nutritional consultation and with his combined workouts, I quickly began losing weight. He taught me about fats, carbs, and proteins and how to get a healthy balance of the three in order to reach my fitness goals. Before this I had no idea what I should be paying attention to when I read food labels. After a week of recording what I ate and following the information given to me by Danny, we met again and he gave me feedback. I really appreciated the time he took to explain everything to me so I could finally get a grasp on a healthy lifestyle. -Jessica Y.

 I trained with Danny Riggi to prepare for my wedding pictures this summer. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to train with Danny. I came to him with specific goals of losing weight and toning up. Specifically, I wanted to tone my arms and back. I also needed help with nutrition and a meal plan since I have a desk job and do not get much movement in during the day. During our sessions together we worked several exercises to target my arms, back, and chest. He helped me to perfect my form to achieve my desired results without hurting my body. He also explained to me what I needed to do to work towards my goal on our off days. He explained to me the importance of strength training, cardio, and nutrition. He recommended meal ideas, snacks, and dedicated meal plans for certain days. He explained the importance of breaking several bad habits I had in order to achieve my goals and have a healthier life style. Danny is a very friendly and polite person to work with. He is professional and well mannered while he motivates and educates you. He is very easy to get along with and I always left the gym feeling great. At the end of the day I achieved my goals of losing weight and toning up. My wedding pictures turned out better than I could have imagined thanks to Danny. They are exactly how I wanted them to look, and I am happy that I felt confident and good about the way I looked in them. I also gained a much healthier life style. I had more energy and confidence than ever before. I highly recommend Danny as a personal trainer. His dedication to fitness will help you to achieve your goals. You will not be disappointed. • • • -Kristine Y

I worked extensively with Danny at Niagara University. He was the strength and conditioning coach for both the division and club sports there. I've been an athlete my entire life, and Danny's knowledge and attitude, by far, exceeds any trainer or coach I've ever dealt with. His strength and conditioning program helped boost the athleticism, mobility, and competitiveness of the Men's Lacrosse team at Niagara. We looked forward to his practices every week (and cursed him afterwords), and his training helped us reach a competitive level for one of our tournaments that took place at University of Maryland. Not only does he explain what, or how, to do something, but he also explains WHY you're doing it. He's very well-versed in matters of training and nutrition alike, and his knowledge has a very broad scope. During the off season (and in season), he constantly requested updates on our training programs, sent us email updates, and bent over backwards to help out his clients and athletes. He really goes the extra mile in both training and communication. I also worked with Danny on personal training matters in addition to his strength and conditioning programs. Danny helped me break plateaus, reach new personal records, and set me up with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to reach my goals. He is constantly motivating individuals to reach their goals, and shares in the excitement when his clients succeed. Whether you have experience with fitness, or even if you're brand new to the fitness world, I guarantee that Danny has something to offer for you. -Eric M

At a very important time in my life, both preparing for total knee replacement as well as exercise needed after my successful surgery, I had Daniel Riggi as my personal fitness trainer. He did an outstanding job. Danny worked very carefully with me from the beginning by listening to those physical needs I had at this point in my life, and he knew precisely which exercises I needed to help strength my knee and other important parts of my legs, back, hips, etc.

I would give Danny the highest rating possible for all that he did for me. And, aside from the very important work of fitness training, Danny also was very personable and we talked over many interesting and important facets of life and the goals we all set for those. If anyone wants to consult me further, I am very willing to respond to that.  -Rev. Joseph L. L, C.M.



Katie L. Jan 12, 2017

Personal Training

5 out of 5 stars

Verified Review

Personal Training Review

Daniel provides a very informative and educational personal training experience. He is there to help you with every step of accomplishing your health and fitness goals. I am a continuing client and would highly recommend his personal training services.

  • Thomas h. Jul 13, 2016

    Personal Training

    5 out of 5 stars

    Verified Review

    Daniel is proficient in his skill set. I am a rehabilitating combat veteran that needed personal physical therapy outside of a clinical environment. I am a continuing client of Daniels because his high standards and attention to detail.

  • Mike H. Jan 19, 2016

    5 out of 5 stars

    Very detailed approach to assist you with reaching your personal goals...