• Revolution Park Sports Academy (map)
  • 1225 Remount Road
  • Charlotte, NC, 28208
  • United States

At New Era Performance, we believe that earning the "Complete Athlete" title shouldn’t come easy. Earning the rights to this title means that an athlete has been battle tested, overcome both physical and mental barriers, and has developed the necessary attributes in order to achieve success. Our Complete Athletes showcase elite athletic skills, understand the importance of a team culture, and have created a strategic on and off the field vision. They can balance their athletic life with their personal life and still perform at their best in both. Complete Athletes set examples, stay positive in the face of adversity, and know the true meaning of "value". The long hours, relentless determination, and willing sacrifices are known by Complete Athletes as only the basic requirements. It is the end goal, on or off the field, that matters the most.

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