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Dr. Matt Crandall, PT, DPT, OCS, CMTPD


Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Do you have a nagging injury that has been bothering you for years? Did you have a recent flare up or setback? Is something limiting you from being able to do what you love? Let’s fix it; it is time for you to be YOU again.

Physical Therapy Rehab includes:

  • Comprehensive movement and postural assessment, flexibility, muscle performance and joint mobility testing

  • Full treatment session, including dry needling, cupping, manual treatment, patient education and a personalized home exercise program

  • Individualized, goal orientated treatment sessions and rehabilitation programs.

  • Orthopedic, sports and overuse injuries; back pain, neck pain, headaches, spasms, knee pain, hip pain, plantar fasciitis and ankle injuries

Injury Prevention

Don't wait for an injury or setback, stay active with your fitness or competitive goals. "Prehab" is an active approach to avoiding pain or injury and will be individualized and tailored to meet your performance needs. Maintaining a balanced movement pattern will allow you to maximize the strength, power and mobility that is required to meet your performance demands while minimizing risk for injury. Recommended for anyone from the weekend warrior to elite level athletes. Investing in yourself now will save you money later!  


Has your performance plateaued or did you just finish a brutal workout and need a quick turnaround? Performance enhancement manual therapy is designed to maximize muscle power and performance, accelerate return to competition and take you to the next level. Each session is designed to optimize your specific strength, power and movement deficits. Also very beneficial for muscle recovery after workouts or training programs."Tune-up" sessions are recommended throughout the year to maximize performance and minimize dysfunction.

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