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Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced health and fitness enthusiast, the Personal Training program has the perfect fitness plan to offer for YOU. Take advantage of cutting edge research, our unique approach, and evidence based training methods all in which are taught by a nationally accredited Certified Personal Trainer.



Have you always wanted to experience professional personal training with the enjoyment of enthusiastic company? Then this program is for you. The Small Group Training program was specifically designed to “break the ice” of your health and fitness program with the motivating company of your friends, family, or co-workers. Each small group contains 2-4 individuals, making fitness more comfortable, more affordable, and more enjoyable for each participant!



Originally designed to test the results of your exercise routine by putting it into physical actions, the Fitness Kickboxing program provides individuals with a unique and exciting fat burning, muscle-stressing workout that blends American Kickboxing with full body high intensity interval training. Jab, cross, hook, and roundhouse your way through an intense workout while having fun and burning MAJOR calories!

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Although most of the time unexpected, life sometimes takes a turn in a threatening way that leads us on a road to recovery far more extensive and time consuming then most can imagine. The Prescribed Training program is specifically designed for individuals who wish to continue their recovery from an acute or chronic health condition previously diagnosed by a Medical Doctor or other medical specialist. Under the direct supervision of a Certified Personal Trainer, individuals will continue to restore and rebuild their bodies in order to achieve maximal output while also working to prevent any other further damage.


*Some restrictions may apply. Please consult with your physician before participating in any form of exercise