Question: What is C.A.D.C.?

Answer: Complete Athlete Development Camp (C.A.D.C.) is a nine (9) week long youth (ages 8-12) and teenager (ages 12-18*) based summer camp held in Charlotte, NC. The components of this camp are athletic strength and conditioning, individual development (educational component), and nutrition education. C.A.D.C. will begin on June 10, 2019 and end on August 9, 2019. Days and times for this camp are Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm. The location for this camp is 1225 Remount Road, Charlotte, NC 28208 (located inside of Revolution Park Sports Academy).

Question: Who can enroll in C.A.D.C.?

Answer: youth (ages 8-12) and teenagers (ages 13-18) who are enrolled in an elementary, middle, or high school. Individuals over the age of 18 or are a collegiate, amateur, or professional athlete will not be permitted to register at any time.

Question: Does my child have to be an athlete in order to register?
Answer: NO! At C.A.D.C., we treat all campers the same no matter what their athletic abilities are. The most important aspect of our camp is the Individual Development portion, where campers can learn to utilize important life skills (can be beneficial in any athletic or non-athlete situation). This will be treated much like a classroom setting where coaches will develop a lesson plan (in the form of an activity, game, presentation, etc.) to meet the curriculum needs. On top of it all, as long as each camper has an enjoyable and memorable experience through our teachings, we consider that the biggest success.

Question: What does my athlete need to bring to camp?


·      Lunch (no mayonnaise or milk based products please- there is no access to a refrigerator). A free lunch will be provided by CMS for those under the age of 18 if a camper forgets to bring theirs.

·      2-3 drinks (we encourage water). One water bottle will be issued to each child/athlete during the first day of camp. Pre-filled water chugs will be placed throughout the camp’s locations.

·      2 snacks

o   Please pack lunch, drinks and snacks in a LABELED cooler or lunch bag. · Water bottle (please label. ONE will be provided)

·      SUNSCREEN: The sun at camp is always a concern for us. We want you to know that we are committed to making sure your child is safe from the sun. We strongly encourage you to pack your camper with SPRAY ON SUNSCREEN. Campers will be responsible for applying their own sunscreen during the day (with plenty of reminders from their counselors). If sun exposure is ever a problem – please notify the director immediately so that extra precautions and applications can be made).

·      1-2 additional fitness shirt(s). Please come to camp with one on.

·      1-2 pairs of comfortable gym shorts (please wear one pair to camp)

·      1 pair of new/slightly worn gym sneakers (please come to camp with them on)

·      1 hat (if desired)


Some of our Specialty Camps may ask campers to bring specific toys/props for use in the program. Unless your child is specifically asked to do so, we ask that they refrain from bringing any of the following: · Money, alcohol, drugs, vehicles, animals or weapons · Any valuables · Skateboards, scooters, Heelys or bicycles · iPods, cell phones or other electronics · Electronic games (including Nintendo DS) · Toys, balls, playing cards, etc. Parents, please help us with these requests. We do not want something precious to your child to be lost or broken. Thank you very much! WHAT TO WEAR TO CAMP · Sunscreen · Shorts · Light-weight top · Hat · Comfortable, CLOSED TOE shoes · Camp t-shirt o required on trip day WHAT NOT TO WEAR TO CAMP · Revealing clothing (i.e. halter tops) or any clothing with an offensive message/logo · JEANS · Black/dark colored clothing · Expensive clothing, dresses, etc. · OPEN TOED SHOES OR FLIP FLOPS o If your child chooses to wear these please be aware that they may be restricted from participating in certain activities for their own safety and you will be contacted by our camp director.

Although New Era Performance and Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation will not be held liable for any items lost or stolen, we will however take all available steps to minimize these risks.

Question: What does the Strength and Conditioning component consist of?

Answer: Each athlete will participate in a daily dynamic warm-up, strength and conditioning (inside the facility), speed agility, and quickness (outside on the turf field), and recovery program. Each athlete will be monitored by a certified specialist to ensure proper form and technique are being utilized. Exercise selection will be adjusted to the athlete's training level.

Question: What does the Individual Development component consist of?

Answer: With C.A.D.C., we don’t want the ultimate focus to be on overall athletic abilities. We want each athlete to be able to understand that there is more than that required to becoming a Complete Athlete. This is why we added a course curriculum. Our goal is to introduce 8 different research-backed weekly topics (shown in this post) that we feel are most important to the athlete’s development. With these topics, we will coordinate a daily lesson plan, in the form of a game, presentation, guest speaker, etc., to meet the curriculum needs. Athlete’s will have the opportunity to enhance some much needed skills while also cooling down from their daily strength and conditioning plan.

Question: What does the Nutrition Education component consist of?

Answer: The Nutrition Education Component will consist of a 90 minute nutrition workshop titled “Fueling your Athlete”. This workshop is designed to educate the athlete, the athlete’s parents, or the athlete’s coach on how to properly fuel an athlete for a chosen sport. This workshop will be offered twice throughout the camp and will be presented by a Registered Dietitian (RD).

Question: How many coaches will be involved with this camp?

Answer: There will be a total of up to 12 coaches who will be involved with this camp. The athlete to coach ration will be 1:10. Also involved with this camp will be 1 camp Director who will oversee the camp's daily operations.

Question: What are the backgrounds of the C.A.D.C. coaches?

Answer: each coach will be placed in a group of 3 total coaches. There will be 4 total groups of  3 coaches (amounting to 12 total individual coaches). The coach requirements for each group are as following:

Coach 1, Head Coach: Undergraduate degree in exercise science or related field (master's degree preferred), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, CPR/AED certified, 1 year of experience.

Coach 2, Assistant Coach: Undergraduate degree in exercise science or related field (master's degree preferred), CPR/AED certified, 1 year of experience.

Coach 3, Intern Coach: Enrolled as a junior or senior in an exercise science program or related field at an accredited university, CPR/AED certified.

Question: What is included in the 90 minute "Fueling your Athlete" nutrition workshop?

Answer: Presented by a Registered Dietitian (RD), our goal with offering this workshop is to help educate participants on how to properly fuel an athlete for their respective sport. Participants will learn cutting-edge and research-backed nutrition education such as macronutrient (carbohydrate, proteins, and fats) recommendations, micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) recommendations, nutrient timing and energy management, and supplement and ergogenic education. A complimentary meal will be provided.

Question: What steps will the camp take to ensure my athlete's safety?

Answer: Your athlete's safety is our number one priority and we will take all necessary steps to ensure this. New Era Performance will operate side by side with the staff at Revolution Park Sports Academy to ensure that the facility itself is operating in a safe and effective manner and rid of all potential threats. Aside from the facility, our team of qualified professionals will sit through a one hour presentation before the camp starts to learn and review all of our emergency action plans. These plans will be very detailed and range from basic directions on camper oversight to a well structured plan on facility evacuations. For medical safety, each coaching group will have 1 coach will be in charge of handling, securing, and administering a medical kit. That coach, and only that coach, will be allowed to traffic the medical kit to and from our camp locations. Please make sure to read through our IMPORTANT INFORMATION section to help us decrease the risk of a camp related incident.

Question: How do I enroll my athlete in C.A.D.C.?

Answer: click HERE to select which weeks you would like to enroll your athlete in and pay for those weeks. Once payment is successfully submitted, fill out the registration packet (you can download the packet HERE (click the "click to download a C.A.D.C. registration form") and submit the filled out packet with the required health forms to:

New Era Performance ATTN: C.A.D.C.

1225 Remount Road

Charlotte, NC 28208

Question: Are there single-day passes available?

Answer: Yes, the cost of a day pass for Group A and B is $50 per day. The cost of a day pass for Group C is $30 per day. You can pay for a day pass in-person, online, or over the phone. PLEASE NOTE: an approved registration form must be on file before enrolling in any day pass.

Question: Are sibling discounts available?

Answer: Yes, please use the online promo code SIBLING10 to receive 10% off your total order of 2+ sibling participants. If you plan to pay in-person or over the phone, please contact us.

Question: Are group discounts available?

Answer: Yes, please contact us to receive a special 10% off online promo code to be used by each of the group’s members. If you plan to pay in-person or over the phone, please contact us.

Question: Are partial, half, or full scholarships available?

Answer: We apologize, but at this time there are no scholarships available.

Question: Is there a early drop-off and late pick-up fee?

Answer: Yes, both the early drop-off and late-pick up fee is $5.00 each per day. These fees can be paid online or in-person. Please plan ahead and schedule accordingly.

Question: Are there field trips included in C.A.D.C.?

Answer: YES! :), there will be up to 8 weekly field trips available throughout the 9-week summer camp. Field trip dates, times, and locations are currently TBD. Please check back closer to the start of camp.

Question: What kind of sponsorship material will be available?

Answer: Sponsors will be permitted to provide print material to our athletes and the parents, legal guardians, or coaches of these athletes. Be ready to access exclusive promotions and receive exclusive discounts on awesome products and services!

Are you a business looking to sponsor our event? CONTACT US to learn how and to review our sponsorship packages!

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