With the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series over the weekend, it brought up a topic that is one of the least covered when facing challenges both mentally and physically:  The Psyche Out.

Mental toughness, also known as mental athleticism, is often found in athletes who have preserved in endeavors over their opponents.  It’s often the determining factor of who wins and who loses.

Mental toughness plays a large role in how one encounters challenges they face. An old saying goes like this, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right”.  This is entirely true, as our minds often play with our abilities on whether we succeed. 

I often get asked how one succeeds in achieving their goals when there is so much stacked up against them.  My suggestion is always, is that instead of thinking about it, just do it. This coincidentally, does play a little into Nike’s motto, but the message still stands: Stop thinking about what can happen and just let it happen by focusing on you and what you need to do. 

“You are able to lift as much as you want.  You should always keep in mind that this day may be the last for us and the “next competition” will never happen….So that, if you feel that you can lift the record today, never postpone it for tomorrow.  Tomorrow may just not come”.
— Konstastin Konstantinov