We get it, running for 5 miles in the dreaded summer heat can be a workout itself. We also hear you when you scream in our faces, "I don't need to work out my legs because I already do that every morning during my runs". We probably even shake our heads yes in fear that if we don't there may be a good chance that we won't walk away from you alive. However, the majority of us fitness professionals (respectively) don't agree with you and are doing every thing we can to hold back from shouting out our textbook material word for word in defense that running alone is not, in any way shape or form, going to provide you all that you need in order to become a competitive runner. In fact, you're doing more damage to your body while stacking up those miles than you probably think. This is why you need to add weight training in as a crucial supplement to your running regime. And no, not because bigger muscles could be a good attempt at scarring away opponents, but because it has been proven numerous times that involving strategic weight training in to your training program could put you at the top of the pack and help rid those annoying aches and pain. Rather than focusing on the popular fitness trends that are all over social media, focus on exercises that are going to make you stronger, faster, and more efficient. Throw in balance to the mix and you have yourself a total weight training program.

Not sure what exercises to do? Try these 5 movements to get you started.

1) Romanian Deadlift

MUSCLES USED: Hamstrings, Lower Back

2) Single Leg Split Squat

MUSCLES USED: Quads, Glutes

3) Back Extension with Exercise Ball


4) Front / Side Shoulder Raise


5) Single Arm Dumbbell Row

MUSCLES USED: Back, Biceps